calligraphy workshop with emiko oguri

join us for a weekend of discovering the art of calligraphy as taught by emiko

emiko blends japanese and parisian aesthetics into a beautiful and mindful learning experience.

we will gather at 3pm on saturday october 13 for our first 2-hour session, where emiko will demonstrate the art of breathing through the most basic strokes, gradually building to forming letters. tea/coffee and cakes will be served to encourage us on.

on sunday morning we will continue with another 2-hour session, practicing our technique and advancing to forming words and flourished capitals.

a single-occupancy room for saturday night, saturday dinner and sunday brunch are included in the cost of the workshop, as well as all materials and a special gift. if you would like to bring along a partner or friend(s) to share your room and participate, we have other options available, but participants are limited to 8.

325€ per person


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